Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Little Bit of Washi...and Of Course a Box! by Jamie Cripps

So, how many of you have a stash of Washi Tape that is quickly growing into a collection?  I know I am guilty!  I started with just a basic red and black then found some Queen & Co tapes on sale at though it isn't that much, it was starting to take up space and roll around when it wasn't suppose to!  

Which brings me to today's project...a storage bin for my Washi Tapes...
Patterned Paper: Take A Hike Yellow Chevron|Grid (Simple Stories)
Dies: Snapshot Fun (Sweet Stamp Shop) - used in tutorial photos

 1.  Trim double-sided cardstock paper to 12" x 6".

 2.  Along the 12" side, score at 1" and 11".

 3.  Turn paper and along 6" side, score at 1" and 2".

 4.  Again on 6" side, score at 4" and 5".

 5.  Fold along all score marks.

 6.  Cut the tabs created by the score marks up to the 1" side as shown.

 7.  Apply 1/2" Scrappy Tape along the edges of the paper as indicated by the arrows in the photo.

 8.  Remove the protective tape from the adhesive then fold the sides over as shown.

 9.  Apply 1/2" Scrappy Tape to the middle flap as indicated by the arrows in the photo.

10. Your box should look like this!

I love that this box is slim and can fit easily at the back of my desk...and that I can easily build more as I expand my collection!  

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