Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet 16! by Jamie Cripps

Hi guys!  It's Jamie and today I am sharing a tutorial for creating this card...
I just love the little scooter and balloons! 

1.  Using the Enjoy the Season Cricut Imagine Cartridge, add the scooter and balloon bunch then click "Next".
2.  Click on the scooter then click on the pencil to edit the image.
3.  Change the size to 4.5" and then click on the "Layers" tab.  Click "Apply".
4.  Back on the main screen, click on the balloons then click on the pencil to edit.  Size the balloons to 4" and click on the "Layers" tab.  Click "Apply".
5.  Do the same steps to size the balloon to 4". Then remove the clouds and background from the balloon images.
6.  Click "Next".
7.  Follow the prompts on the screen.
8.  The job will print then cut.

Remove the pieces from the mat and layer the images with foam adhesive as shown in the photo.


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