Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick and Easy (but fabulous!) Valentine's box

It's a new month and a new set of projects for! This month they sent me the Cricut Spring Holiday Cards cartridge and the awesome white Signo Uni-Ball Impact Gel Pen. Now, I would never have given this little seasonal cartridge a second look -- I normally gravitate to the cartridges that have a little more "meat" to them -- but it has some adorable artwork! Even more exciting to me, it has great frames, boxes, and envelopes. Just look at these:

Pictures from

Aren't those great? I can't wait to make more fun things with them. For this little Valentine's candy box, I just used my Gypsy and selected both the box and the front that I wanted. I enlarged the box to as big as would fit on a 12x12 page. Because I had them both selected, it automatically sized the little card for the front just right. I also cut a plain white cardstock piece to go behind the "You are Foxy" card so that it would stand out a little better.

The whole thing took me about 5 minutes, tops. The box came together in a snap (I used hot glue to keep it together) and then I just slipped the front card right into those pre-cut slits. I'm envisioning super cute class valentines, just cut in a smaller size and then filled with some little treat.

But of course I couldn't just leave it so plain-Jane. I mean, it was really cute, but the fabulous white pen from was feeling left out. So I used it to doodle all over that front card, giving it more fun and personality. I also outlined just a few of the hearts on the box, just to tie them in with the doodling on the card. That added just a couple of minutes to the project, but I love the difference it makes!

Chances are you're already well acquainted with the Signo Uni-Ball Impact Gel Pen, but if you aren't, let me tell you -- it is quite possibly the best white pen on planet Earth. (I'm willing to allow that aliens with more advance technology may have come up with something better, but I also may or may not have a theory that that is where mine keep disappearing too...) It writes so smoothly and has such a nice bright white color. One word of warning with these, though -- you definitely want to store them laying sideways (rather than vertically) because the tips will get clogged if you don't. And then you'll want to cry. has a great price on these right now, too, so it's a good time to stock up!

So give this one a second look -- there is a lot more to it than just its seasonal use. You'll be seeing a lot of projects using these labels, boxes and frames from me in the future!

Other materials -- patterned paper by Imaginisce


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