Friday, October 1, 2010

Haunted Halloween Card- Happy Hauntings cartridge

I am so in the Halloween mood this year so when I got the Happy Hauntings cart this month I was so excited to start making cuts from it. I hope you enjoy this little card.

Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge
Orange 8.5 x 11 cardstock
Black cardstock
Yellow cardstock
Purple cardstock
Holographic Embossing Powder
Embossing Inkpad
Piece of clear packing from embellishments/stickers
Embossing Heat Gun

Using Design Studio, cut the 3DFrame (p.68) on black cardstock at a 5.142 height x 4.742 width. Now you need to weld the Shift 3DFrame with the 3DFrame Layer 1. These were sized at 5.245 height x 4.768 width, slightly overlapped and cut on orange cardstock. Once cut, score/fold down the middle of the card. In Design Studio, delete the 3DFrame Layer 1 and cut the Shift 3DFrame by itself on orange cardstock.

Cover the black 3DFrame with embossing ink pad and sprinkle holographic embossing powder over entire cut. Shake excess off and pour back into the jar and add lid before turning on your embossing heat gun!! Heat the embossing powder until it becomes holographic/shiny. Adhere with Tombow Liquid Adhesive to the top of the welded Shift 3D Frame.

Cut the Witch at 2" on black cardstock. Sandwich her between 2 layers of the clear packaging and glue down the edges. Glue this sandwich on the backside of the 3DFrame (inside front of the card). Glue the extra Shift 3DFrame you cut earlier to the backside of the front of the card so that the witch is sandwiched between the 2 layers.

Cut 2 of Frame 9 Shift Layer 1 (p.46 - Spiders) at 1" on black cardstock. Stack one on top of another with a Pop Up glue dot in between. Do this with the other 2 and then adhere to the front of the card.

Cut Dracula Phrase (p.28 - BOO!) at 1" on purple cardstock. Cute Dracula Shift Phrase at same size for shadow on black. Layer and glue.

Cut 2 of Bat1 (p.48) at 1" on black cardstock. Cut yellow circle at 3.5" (I did this free handed but there are many carts with a circle). Adhere the yellow circle to the inside back of the card making sure that no edges are visible from the front of the framed oval. Adhere the 2 bats and word BOO! where desired.


CDMG said...

Wickedly cool!!!

colleen said...

looks super awesome.. hope i can do something this good...

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