Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glass Deco Block- Wall Decor and More

Hello everyone todays post is with Wall Decor&More!
Designed by Cheryl Walker
This is a Shower Block ! I used the Vinyl and the Beautiful Wall Decor and More Cartridge from!

Supply List:
Ribbons,gems, and sheer butterfly to decorate!

Instructions For LOVE
Make sure to clean your block well before starting this project!
Step #1- Rose Pink
Cut L Cut L @ 3 inches
Then cut V in Rose Pink @ 2 inches keeping <Monogram on>
Step #2- Cutting in Chocolate Brown now!
Cut L @ 3"inches this is to layer on the L
Cut V @ 2"inchesBrown

Step #3
Cut O in Brown with @ 2"inches
Cut e in Brown with @ 2"inches

STEP #4 Butterflies
In Pink
Cut @ 1"inche Butterfly
Cut another @ 3/4 of and Inch in pink
Now for Brown
Turn off Shift Key
Cut @1" inch
Cut another at 1"inch
Add letters to your block and layer the L and V . Your placement of letters is up to you. Then add gems!!!
I placed the butterflies on after I had the letters where I wanted them. Add ribbon and Sheer butterfly last!!!

I hope you enjoyed todays project, and thank you for looking!!!


Jacilynn said...

beautiful! stunning piece of art.

Patti said...

This is amazing! Great idea!

Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

This is so pretty! What a great way to decorate a glass block. TFS!

MsJay said...

That is very pretty!! Love the colors on there.

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