Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have you heard of the new Cricut Imagine Machine?

Provo Craft and HP have partnered up to bring us one amazing machine! The Cricut Imagine gives us the option to print, cut, or cut and print all in one, allowing us to add color and dimension to our projects like never before! The Imagine machine will allow us to customize the designs so we can either print/cut them as a whole object or paper piece them together and best of all, you can do it with just one white piece of paper! There aren’t any more hassles of trying to decide where to put which color piece of paper as the Cricut Imagine will print out the item in the color you choose before cutting it. The Cricut Imagine uses HP Vivera inks and has a built-in drying time so the artwork will be ready to work with as soon as it has cut! As if that wasn't enough, the Cricut Imagine is fully compatible with all the original Cricut cartridges and compatible with the Juke Box and Gypsy!

With the Cricut Imagine, you will be able to use your current cartridges with the new Imagine cartridges to change the colors and patterns! There is an easy-to-use color LCD touch-screen navigation so that all the information is right at your fingertips, including the on-board color and pattern selector that allows you to choose your own colors, sizes, and much more! The Imagine machine works with almost any paper up to 12x12 and makes cuts from .25” to 11.5”, making large-format print and cutting possible!

With the Cricut Imagine Machine you receive the HP Black Inkjet Print Cartridge, HP Tri-Color Inkjet Print Cartridge, Cricut Cutting Blade, Blade Housing, 12 x 12 Cricut Imagine Cutting Mat, Imagine More Artwork Cricut Imagine Cartridge, Cricut Imagine Stylus, Instructional DVD, User Guide and Manual & power adapter.

There will be 12 new Cricut Imagine Art cartridges specifically for this machine, plus 12 new Cricut Imagine Color and Patterns cartridges available around it's release date!

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to preorder yours today!


AndiPandi said...

Can you only print items from the cartridges with this or can you print anything? As in replace a regular inkjet/deskjet type printer with it?

Julie said...

I think I will wait for the reviews, HP does not have top reviews on their printers and I have two that had to be fixed within a 6 month period. I love my Cricut I have. :-)

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