Friday, August 14, 2009

The eCraft Cutting Machine by Craftwell.

This is a very neat machine that we saw at CHA summer this year. The benefits of the eCraft Cutter are no more cutting mats! How neat is that! The eCraft Personal Die Cutting system will use SD Flash cards which they refer to as SD Fun Cards. The cutter itself is very light weight, about 4 pounds so this should be easy to take to crops / friends or wherever you want to take it.

The release date is not firm, but we hear they hope to have it for this holiday season! We are hoping to be able to find a supplier for this item so that we can add it to our online store.

It is currently just for PC’s, but their site says they are hard at work to making it work with mac’s.

The eCraft Personal Die Cutting Machine will be offered in 3 different colors, white, magenta (pinkish) and a sea green (not sure the color name they call it).
It also comes in 3 different models, here is the info from their site:
What are the differences between the models? The basic unit has a B&W display and will come with one SD Fun Card. The deluxe unit has a color screen and will be bundled with two SD Fun cards. We are planning a unit designed for heavier use that is ideal for craft stores, clubs and power users, It will be equipped with a heavy duty motor drive and other industrial features. All units will have the same cutting capabilities.

We hope the eCraft Cutting Machine is as good as it sounds. What about everyone that already has a die cutting machine? Well if you use it much at all you will more then pay for the machine in savings on not having to buy any more cutting mats, or at least you can tell your husband that!


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